Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Season Clearance Ning Sing-along at Skansen – Aftonbladet

Sanna Nielsen continues as allsångsledare next summer.

It revealed the TV host during the live broadcast of the final program.

– It’s really great, she says.

“Sing-along at Skansen” is the end of this year. But next summer, the program is back and so too Hosted by Sanna Nielsen .

During the final program last song Sanna revealed that she is continuing as host of next year. The announcement was received with cheers from the audience who later went over to the chanting Sanna’s name.

– It felt very natural to say yes, I must say. It just felt so self-evident that we should do this again. It has been a lovely summer, so why not, she said.

Wrote contracts during the day

Just hours before Tuesday’s live broadcast Sanna Nielsen wrote on the contract for another season. It happened in the program’s rehearsal room and tried to be kept as secret as possible. But it has long been speculated Sanna continuation of the program.

– Clearly there has been a dialogue on a season, but not where the real issue. Everything became clear today, which is funny, I think, she says.

Per Rådelius , project manager for the “Sing-along at Skansen” says that there have been thoughts about continuing with Sanna TV host from the very beginning – but it has not been obvious.

– We have of course had a dialogue about it, to solve things that should be solved when writing the contract so that everyone knows what they write, he said.

acclaimed debut

Sanna Nielsen’s debut as allsångsledare have hailed from several quarters during the summer. Especially from the audience Tuesday after Tuesday demonstrated its support. Something True brings with him after the season finale.

– The crowd cheers, that I will wake up to at night, she said.

And the jubilation at the final program could not complain about.

– it is final and people are extra tagged but I must say it was an awesome atmosphere throughout the season. I go to bed every night and become a little surprised and shocked that people give so much of himself every Tuesday, says Sanna Nielsen.

Revy Career

Before Sanna step on Solliden stage Skansen again, it is among other things to see her on the Oscar Theatre, where she is up to date in the role of prima donna in the revue show “Oscar revue”. A theater which she repeated as she led the “Sing-along at Skansen”.

– I think it worked very well. It’s pretty nice to change and get some contrasts. It’s been singing all summer and during the last two weeks I have gone in and rehearsed in the theater, I’m glad it worked out fine, she says.

In the final program was attended Skansen of Zara Larsson , Peg Parnevik , Lill Lindfors , John Lundvik , France and Tensta gospel Choir.

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