Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Laila Bagge wrote to nättrollets mother – Aftonbladet

As a teenager wrote nasty comments and gender order in a post on Instagram got Laila Bagge enough – and contacted his mother.

And it is not the first time she does it .

– I had wanted to know as a parent because I had not thought it was ok, she says.

it was Wednesday morning in Rix Morronzoo as Laila Bagge , 43, talked about näthat.

– I’m pissed off at how people behave in social media, and especially if you think about how children behave themselves, she says to Aftonbladet.

– There are usually children and young people who write. What I’m wondering is if their parents have an eye on this.

Looked up näthatarens Mom

Laila Bagge, who is currently at issue in TV3′s “Room for you,” says when a boy in his teens wrote hateful comments to her on Instagram. It prompted her to take action.

She went into his Instagramkonto and looked up his mother, which she then approached via a private message.

– I wrote who I was and that I wished that my son had behaved badly on social media, so I wanted to know it. So feel free to go in and look at my account so you can see how it looks, and judge for yourself. In the best of intentions, from me as a mother to you as a mother, says Laila Bagge.

“Parents have a responsibility”

She says the guy’s mother was happy that she got in .

it is not the first time she will contact a parent for näthat.

– I’ve done it several times. I do it when I feel it go over the limit, she says.

Laila Bagge says that it has a responsibility as a parent when it comes to one’s child’s use of social media.

– I think you should check what your children have accounts on YouTube and Instagram. And perhaps also accompany their child too often you see the way they commented, ‘she says. READ ALSO Laila Bagge of first job with her son

“Do terribly sorry for Youtubers”

Laila Bagge says she thinks today näthat on social media is a “huge problem”.

– Especially in the younger generation. I feel terribly sorry for our Youtubers today. Everyone gets like that damn hat, she says.

– I as an adult can take crap. Could not care less. Have you been in “Idol jury” must learn to take a lot. But all who are young, who just entered his teens. It takes a lot of strength to hate. Name mess continues for television profile Now named Laila Bagge Bagge …


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