Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The news: Kent releases four new songs – Expressen

16 September when Kent’s new, long-awaited compilation album “Best of” fans. It will contain 24 songs – including four brand new.

“These four songs are thus the very last new kent songs ever,” writes the band on their website.

Before the final tour, the band released the Kent-awaited compilation album “Best Of”. They comprise a total of 24 songs and four of them will be brand new, writes the band on their website.

– Former promised two new songs, but it is now clear that it will instead be a full four pieces, which means the album contains twenty tracks in total. These four songs are thus the very last new kent songs ever, the band writes on its website.

The announcement that the band will make their last arena tour ever came in March. The band then began waving goodbye to their fans with the last album “Then as now, forever.”

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For the final tour has over 200,000 tickets sold.

the new album will include classic songs such as “Love is waiting,” “Without your Love” and “Nothing”.

the album comes out september 16th.

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There was a video on the band’s Facebook page that they told they would lay off.

on his website they wrote then themselves of its decision to close down.

“this is not the end because we are bored together or that we do not want any longer. this is the end to the best of all yesterday’s and tomorrow’s celebrations have a farewell itself, “wrote the band then.

The band last tour ends in Stockholm on 17 December at the Tele2 Arena, where the band doing their very last gig together. And it will also be the last chance for fans to experience the band.

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