Saturday, August 20, 2016

One victim of attempted murder in Umeå – Gothenburg Post

Photo: Stefan Bennhage

Sweden A man was Friday night the victim of serious violence in Umeå. The man was taken to hospital with serious injuries in the stomach. A preliminary investigation of attempted murder has been initiated.

It was Friday night that a man was seriously injured near Ålidhem Centre in Umeå.

The man is seriously wounded in the stomach, and on Saturday had surgery.

A preliminary investigation has begun and police are currently working on site survey, technical survey, questioning, internal surveillance and knocking on doors in the area .

the police is otherwise silent on the incident, referring to the confidentiality of investigations.

– in addition to what it says it is too early in the pre-trial process to disclose any more information, said on-call investigator in Umeå.

There are no detainees or suspects at this time.

The man reported feeling good under the circumstances.

The crime of the currently attempted murder.


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