Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Large police operation at Chris Brown’s house – Aftonbladet

Police located the now outside world star Chris Brown’s house.

According to TMZ should the artist threatened a woman with a gun on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown, on his Instagram that he slept all the time.

Early Tuesday morning called a woman to the police when she should have been gun threatened by the artist Chris Brown , 27. It writes the site TMZ, which also states that the woman is Baylee Curran , winner of the Miss California in 2016.

the police, who are still outside world star’s house, should have been there since three in the morning, local time.

What is behind the alleged gun threat is not entirely clear. Curran says himself to TMZ that Brown pulled out a gun when she admired a necklace. The artist must also tried to get her to sign a paper that connects her not to say anything about the incident. Something Curran refused and left the house.

The two have previously socialized and Curran says in the interview that she thinks about Chris, but that at the time seemed affected.

Task Force heading

Chris Brown himself will still be in the house which is currently surrounded by police. Several attempts to make contact with Brown has been made but failed.

A task force will be on the road to world star’s home. Police also waiting on permission to make a search.

Sources TMZ says that the artist threw out a bag containing drugs and weapons.

On his Instagram Chris Brown released a video in which he says he just woke up and discovered that it was the police and police helicopters outside the house.

– What do you want me? I stay out of the way, taking care of my daughter and work. I’m too tired to take care of this shit now, he says in the video.

He also said that when he calls the police and reports stalkers, it takes over a day before they come to the site, but when someone another sign him they are there directly.

In two other video artist, he published the “Black lives matter” movement and denies the claim that he would have barricaded themselves.

– I have not done a damn thing. I will not do a damn thing. You can not play with me because I’m a crazy villain. You make me crazy, he says in the video.

Tuned for club shooting

In a short time the artist has appeared in several police cases.

This summer tracked Chris Brown stay in a luxury villa in Ibiza from. Then he left the house full of pee and vomit, according to data to be someone even threw knives, and cut down the wall. The landlord demanded later artist of half a million crowns.

In addition, became a world star recently sued by former record company director Marion “Suge” Knight . This is where Knight was shot seven times during a party at the nightclub 1Oak in Hollywood that Brown was host.

The text is updated.

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