Saturday, August 27, 2016

SMHI warns of very strong winds – Aftonbladet

Many households are without power and tens of trees above the road – it also invites people to stay away from the roads.

Now the issue SMHI class 1 warnings for the hard weather.

– There is very high winds in southern Norrland right now, says Therese Fougman at SMHI.

It is windy in southern Norrland.

now SMHI has issued class 1 warnings of very high winds in Jämtland, Västernorrland and Gävleborg. And it can blow as much as 23 meters per second.

– This stern wind gusts and it reaches its peak during the afternoon and then it will slow down during the evening, says Therese Fougman, meteorologist at SMHI.

at 12 o’clock was broken radio broadcast in Västernorrland for a message that the emergency services together with the Finnish Transport Agency advises people to go out on the roads throughout the county, reports Allehanda in his live reporting.

Several fallen trees

the wind has made several trees had fallen across the road surfaces in the counties.

at 8:30 o’clock fell a tree on the E14 at the height of Österböle and the problem will not be fixed until 11:30, according to the Finnish Transport Agency.

– There are some trees that fall down today. We have so far been out of 5-7 pieces and it becomes tough for the road when suddenly could a tree that is behind any curve or so, says Henrik Jönsson, internal officers of the emergency services.

In addition, several minor roads in Västernorrland and Jämtland affected, such as: route 321 at the height of Hovermo road 316 from Oppbodarna to the ridges, road 335 from Multrå Church to Sanga Church and road 84 from Långbacka to Delsbo.

‘Anchor loose objects “

in addition, about 6,000 households without power in Jämtland and Västernorrland due to the strong winds.

SMHI Therese Fougman urges everyone to” establish and revise loose items “.

– Empty garbage bins, trampolines and other things that we have outdoors can facilitate in this weather, so it’s good to go out and fix such, she says.


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