Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Police criticized for disused investigation “had gigantic breasts” – Metro

During the weekend was a hockey player in Umeå to be disposed of by police after a lagfest in Östersund. The man was very drunk and was to be taken into the police station during the night. The man came in when he was picked up by the police to be notified of assault and sexual assault. It reports the SVT Vasterbotten .

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But just two days after the man notified was the investigation into , then “concrete building blocks that existed for the crime was not there. for Expressen said the doctor in the preliminary investigation that the woman who reported the man for sexual harassment had such large breasts that it was impossible not to brush against them.

– When it comes to the sexual the harassment they stood at a bar table and then he drunk and hangs his arms around two behind, and then he accidentally brush against the chest of one . and it belongs to the point that they had gigantic breasts. it was not difficult to touch them, you are drunk and hangs over someone, yes, you can of course understand how it could have happened, he said Express .

Enligt Stephen Jerand, police area manager in Jämtland, is not the plaintiff’s breast size a factor in the investigation.

– “Gigantic breasts” have nothing to do with determining whether it is crime or not. It is supposed to be without if that woman has small or large breasts whether there is a number of crimes. This is not meant in the law, I can not for the life of faith. There he will stand for itself, says Jerand Expressen.

The statement now facing criticism, including from Elisabeth Massi Fritz, criminal lawyer and commentator.

– To take on a woman’s breasts regardless breast size is a sexual assault. A woman should not have to take the blame for the sexual assault and that she has large breasts. Then it too far in this groping like so many women and girls suffer, she says to Expressen.

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