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Kristian Luuk about their fears: “Super Scary” – Expressen

In its new program “Ask Lund” taken Kristian Luuk totally out of his comfort zone and is forced to face his fears.

He gets drunk at 50 meters depth, thrown into a slagsmålsbur against a world champion in Thai boxing and go g-hurling.

– It was super scary, says TV host.

SVT raises along with host Kristian Luuk life in the classic television program “Ask Lund” which aired between 1962 and 2000.

with the help of five experts in various subjects testing Hosted scientific theories and experiments. Questions that are tested include: “the goats dialects” and “can become intoxicated by the press?”.

The latter issue is Kristian Luuk answer – it was in fact he who got to test.

– I’ve been drunk at 50 meters of nitrogen intoxication. For every ten meters it is like drinking a dry martini. There are five dryar 50 meters, says TV host.

The experience was as Luuk absolutely “absurd” and he was absolutely crazy.

– I had a doctor with me as I do not know I started singing. So I came up to the surface, completely sober, not hung over, laughing SVT profile.

The program pushes he really outside of their comfort zone and much of what he experienced was scary.

– I’m thrown into a cage fighting against a world champion in Thai boxing for testing whether you are growing stronger adrenaline flowing. It was super scary, says Kristian Luuk and continues:

– You know you hear that mothers can lift a car to save a child, it is true, what is that? It was because the issue.

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Luuk: “The heart is bent into a web of forces”

the program will conclude that a person can actually become stronger because of the adrenaline.

– Instead of pumping adrenaline in me that medically could be a bit dangerous so they threw me in a fighting like that it would be dangerous, kidding television profile.

to be drunk at 50 meters and a pumping adrenaline flowing is not the only Kristian Luuk exposed to.

– They really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’ve been g-hurling as astronauts and fighter pilots will practice in which the heart is then stretched to a banana. Such forces are there.

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Luuk: “Carina Berg is better to dare”

Kristian Luuk has not always been the one who wanted to plunge into the unknown to try new, scary things. He thinks his wife Carina Berg is one step ahead of him there.

– She’s much better at it, he says, and goes on.

– But it was time for me also to try .

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