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Paradise hotel 2016: Here are all participants – Aftonbladet

Love, intrigue and the pursuit of money.

It’s time for “Paradise Hotel” in 2016.

Here is all of this year’s participants.

“I am this year’s hunk”

Donik Hamiti, 21, from Kristianstad has appointed himself the paradise looker.

He is a model that does not like to play dirty, and there will be trouble, he tries to solve it.

Who are you in the PH house?

– I am this year’s hunk. Each season, they have chosen one that is a bit more fit. I’m strong gameplay but still honest. I do not like to play ugly.

What do you think about to be on TV?
– I did not go there to look laid. My goal was to take me as far as I could. It happens that I located it happens. I have not closed any doors for it.

Do you think you’re looking at TV?
– I can see myself in the mirror every day, ha ha. No, but it’s fun to see the episodes. It was fun to see what everyone is saying behind the camera.

“It will happen sick stuff”

Matilda Lindegren, 22 years from Koping is the thinker who entered the house with the goal of winning “Paradise Hotel”.

Outside the house she has a short fuse but believes that she managed to keep a cool head during the program.

Who are you in the house?
– I will be the cunning which is not saying too much. I think people will perceive me as a little quiet and reclusive. I do not say as much if I’m in your head.

How do you see to be in television?
– I see this not as a problem. It is after all else and given to the Swedish people can see it but it’s not my problem if they want to sit and look at me when I fuck.

How would you describe this year’s Paradise Hotel?
– this will be the best season so far. We will be better than the last. We are cruel and I can promise that it will happen really sick stuff in years.

” You do not mess with me “

Cornelia Gyllborg, 21, from Nacka describes himself as the kind of house.

She can be glacial when someone starts to argue, and describes his stay in the house as intensive.

What happens if you mess with you?
– most of my friends used to say that you do not want to mess with me. When someone behaves badly, I can be pretty icy.

Can you be in television?
– I think it happens, it happens. I decided to never say never.

How will this season be?
– I think it will be very exciting.

“I warn you bullshit”

Jiar “Tarzan” Raza , 21, is from Gothenburg with hot temparemt. A guy who says he jiddrar much and felt like a lion when he met the girls for the first time.

How are you when it comes to conflicts?
– I’m a very aggressive person and I have my agressionsproblem. I solve any problems by talking, but I can raise your voice and become violent.

How do you see to be in television?
– There is chance that it can happen, but we’ll see. I am a jidder. I jiddrar lot. It can be much bullshit so I warn you for what you will hear.

You feel very hungry for girls, is it?
– Of course. They had not seen a lady on x number of weeks when it was time to record the first episode. It is clearly to become a lion. Imagine a lion after a deer. Its over. It’s over. So it felt.

“There will be many tears”

Claudia Tahvanainen, 25, from Eskilstuna have the goal in sight. She is featured in “Paradise Hotel” to win money.

If there is trouble, she is not one to give up.

How are you as a person?
– I am a very energetic person. I’m happy but is very close to my feelings too so it will be much tears and drama. I get out there I feel at the moment.

Can you be in television?
– It’s not a dream to be on TV. But it so happens, it happens. Especially when alcohol is involved, then anything can happen. I am a wise lady now so I’ve learned that you should never say never.

Do you want to play or find love?
– My reason was to have really damn fun. I want to have an adventure, but the goal was to win the money.

“want men, not boys “

Isabella Ostberg, 20, from Tumba do not want boys.

There are men that apply.

she avoids any conflict but says she can be mean unnecessarily if there will be trouble.

You long for men and not boys?
– I think it has been more younger people in “Paradise Hotel” earlier and I get myself attracted to men. That was what I wanted.

Did you get it?
– Yes, appearance, absolutely. Then when you get to know them so they were not men, ha ha. But it’s a nice bunch.

Can you be in television?
– I would not be in television, that was the plan. But …

“Have not done anything to be ashamed of”

Vasana Osinska, 23, from Malmö has trouble sitting still. She may choose, it should happen all the time.

The goal of “Paradise Hotel” was to get a memory for life.

What is your role in house?
– I’m just myself. Very outspoken, energetic and damn restless.

How is it to be a parceremoni?
– I was really nervous. You feel so powerless. But it is a game and you get to just hang out with. There is not much you can do. It’s just pray to the gods that you will be left behind.

Will there be ashamed pillow or popcorn when you see yourself on television in the fall?
– I do not feel I’ve done something that I am ashamed so I’ll probably just sit and laugh at myself.

” has a unique relationship to the six “

Hampus Marcussen, 23, from Hudiksvall has appointed himself kärleksgud.

He describes himself as amor not seeking conflict and have found lifelong friends in the house.

You have a heart tattooed on his arm, then why?
– It means only one thing. Love. And life!

How do you see to be in the house?
– Absolutely, you can do it. My relationship with sex is quite unique. I do not sleep with anyone. I must have something more than a lie. There must be something deeper that I should like to have sex with the person. I is not just for the sake of lying.

You won foreplay, you feel special then?
– The other participants knew about it so it was like a little against and I thought this is a dangerous bastard who won foreplay, he is a pro.

“Have made friends for life “

Alexander D’Rosso, 25, from Stockholm’s pokémon master who now aim to take home” Paradise Hotel “.

He avoids any conflicts and describes their stay in the house as mentally stressful.

How do you become when you drink alcohol?

– I will be very happy, or very tired. I go over the border and drink too much I get tired. But it was hard to get too drunk in the house. You always have in your head that is filmed and did not want to make a fool of himself too much.

Have you made friends for life during filming?

– Absolutely. All this is quite incredible. There are people who are sick kind, thoughtful and fun. I will definitely be in contact with the most.

Can you describe this year’s season ticket?

– Fully tracked.

“I take shit and I give crap”

Sebastian Stenberg, 26, from Gustavsberg is sopgubben who describes himself as an honest player. He thinks he’s hot in discussions but do not like to see himself on TV.

How do you handle conflict?
– I always drive high ceilings. I take shit and I give shit. I’m not afraid of conflict.

Can you be in television?
– For me it does not matter nearly. I feel that I want to be in television, I do it. For me, it may be as it gets.

How is it to see yourself on TV?
– I like never to see or listen to myself so it was a little awkward now that we got to see a little bit. But then went minutes and we laughed together and then forgot to remove himself. But sometimes I thought ‘shit what unclear’. I am so fast in his mouth, interrupts and dryers barely keep up with me.

the new season of “Paradise Hotel” starts on TV3 on 5 september.

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