Sunday, August 21, 2016

Now the party wants to impose CSN loans – for license – 24malmö.se

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the proposal is one of the Left requirements in the budget negotiations with the government. It will mean you will be able to borrow SEK 25 000 in order to take a B license . Under the proposal, anyone of any age and education have the opportunity to apply for the loan.

– There are very many jobs today that require a license. And many of the unemployed can not find the jobs simply because they do not have a license, says Jonas Sjöstedt to Dagens Industri.

Under the proposal, the 500 million per year, enough to provide 250,000 people loans.

– We will be able to get the unemployment . We want people to be able to work and therefore we want to lift away the obstacles , says Jonas Sjöstedt.

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