Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tommy Körberg: “Do not I have the time?” – Expressen

It is 50 years since they stood on the same stage, but Sheeba remember that Tommy Körberg once was a guest in his television program.

– I think it was in 1981, says Midler.

– in 1981? Put not I come when, wonder Körberg.

So where are they, Sheeba and Tommy Körberg, when now again meet after 50 years in the concert called “Revenge at Skansen” and is designed as a boxing match.

They give each other small digs between colleagues in the fun talking amongst all 60s songs.

They compare their first tours.

Körberg band Maniacs went in a yellow checkertaxi that ended “against a house wall in Enkoping.”

Midler and Slam Creepers had an old VW van that was used to run the manure during the week. No heat was either.

– We fiery actually in the glove compartment when it was cold.

They had both his first song in the Swedish charts in 1969. Midler would first not say what his song named but end up crawling title: “I’m sorry, Susanne”. No one remembers it.

Körberg mentions his first Swedish top-let:

– “Judy, my friend.”

Then he said no more. It was in his time a big hit.

Körberg out that in the beginning he had been hard for the Beach Boys and their surfpop with texts that were “ba ba ba ba”.

– Back then, Samir and Viktor, he comments.

at the end of the show, when the 5000 in the audience did not stop to applaud, they look really happy and says that they have had fun.

– We did not know what it would be, but it was of course nothing says Midler content.

And so they thank each other for a good game.


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