Friday, September 25, 2015

The tray alerts about bad working of the country’s libraries – Swedish Radio

The work on the country’s libraries are unsustainable. It beats the union DIK stuck in a report published today, based on a survey which over 1 800 members answered.

Eight out of ten librarians have experienced aggressive behavior from visitors. And over half of those who responded to the DIK’s survey has ever been the target of violations sexist statements.

And as many as two in three have experienced vandalism. This may involve, for example to set fire to the books or rip up seats.

Karin Linder is Chairman of the Federation of DIK. She thinks that the work environment is alarmingly poor and requires action and that each incident must be reported.

– The working environment is poor, and from the employers let man it continue to be bad.

How way?

– Many librarians feel that they report and then nothing happens. As union president, I can not in any way think that it’s okay to just librarians to stand out that it is messy in the local community, but there should be zero tolerance and you’ll quickly fix when it gets too bad situation work environmentally.

Here you will find all the elements from Kulturnytts survey about the mess in the library.


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