Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tove Los sexlåt censored in “Idol” – Aftonbladet

“Fuck” is replaced with “love” in Friday’s “Idol”.

One of the participants has itself changed the lyrics of Tove Lo.

– To say “fuck” is not my thing, says Magnus Englund Nöjesbladet.

On Friday invited the “Idol” -publiken a very radio-familiar lazy. It is about Tove Lo ‘s hit “Talking Piece’, which is about a relationship, a hot body and, well, sex.

The 20-year-old Magnus Englund from Umeå have taken to heart the criticism of his latest song choice. Now he intends to run a truly modern popdänga.

“Did not feel comfortable”

Though the trained ear will hear that he is not singing the original text. Where Tove Lo dares a “fuck for Life” has namely Magnus Englund changed verb. “Fuck” is replaced on Friday with “love”. It was found on Wednesday’s rehearsal.

No demand from the team behind “Idol” has not come, says the singer.

– No, it just did not feel comfortable to say “fuck”. It’s not my thing. So we switched it with love, says Englund.

Singing for Tove Lo

The 20-year-old points out that there is a version of the original where Tove Lo himself has made the text more child friendly with a “love”. He dedicates his performance in the Friday finals at the Swedish star.


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