Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bob Dylan wanted to participate in “The Bridge” – Aftonbladet

Saga Norén and SVT’s “Bridge” seems to have a secret admirer of Bob Dylan.

The production received a mysterious email from the star’s manager who offered a song for the series – almost free.

– I’ve heard others have had to pay half a million, says producer Anders shore Nöjesbladet.

Have you always wondered what television series Bob Dylan follow? Now we can be closer to the answer – SVT’s international hit “The Bridge”.

The producer Anders shore says that during the production of “bridge 3″ got the team behind the series an email from Bob Dylan’s manager via the Swedish label.

– manager wondered if there was no opening for Bob Dylan’s music in the series, says Anders shore, laughing.

symbolic sum

“The Bridge” campaign team thought it was an interesting e-mail to receive, but did not at first great importance to the email and did not really understand what it involved. In addition, based largely traditional film music in the series.

– But in the end we decided that we have room for another music, perhaps from a car radio or something. So we found a place where a song would fit very well. So then we took one of his old songs, “The Ballad of a Thin Man” and tested to see what they say of Bob Dylan’s direction. We were told “yes, it’s fine” and had to pay a symbolic amount, he said.

How much had you been paying usual?

– I’ve heard others have had to pay in the order of half a million crowns to put in a movie or something similar, he said.

As one can conclude that Bob Dylan is usually see “The Bridge” and appreciate it?

– Yes, we do, actually. Then invited him to the gala in Malmö, but he was unfortunately decline. For he was in Los Angeles on another mission.

If there will be a “bridge 4,” would not it be awesome to have him in a small role?

– Haha, absolutely. He can play a cruel killer in a dark alley. I think he would do very well. The idea we have not had. But it was a fun idea.

– It’s so funny when you get fun signals of this kind. Sometimes, they read about the stars who will speak about “The Bridge” and think it’s good. All these things are fun when combined with actual figures on how well it goes. A good project to work with, he said.

“bridge 3″ will premiere on 27 September in SVT.


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