Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get the controversial statue standing in Varberg? – Radio Sweden

The statue “With purse weapon” has an important symbolic value, says the buyer. But the son of the woman, who work inspired by, appeals to the municipality to respect his deceased mother.

– I understand those who consider themselves to be victims in different contexts and so they associate it with a piece of art they see. Then I have respect for it, but it can not control my actions. Symbol value is much, much bigger. It weighs over, says Lasse Diding.

Varberg profile bought Susanna Arwins bronze statue inspired by the famous photograph of a woman hitting the bag against a neo-Nazi in Växjö in 1985.

He now wants to donate the sculpture to Varberg municipality. But the plans could be dashed because the son of the woman in the photograph has appealed to the municipality not to receive the work.

Municipality Council, Ann-Charlotte Stenkil (M), said that desire carries weight.

– Of course, we take into account the relative’s comments, she says.

Växjö has previously said no to work. Tomorrow the municipality of Varberg an extraordinary meeting to discuss the statue.

Son says to P4 Halland that he does not want his mother used for political purposes.

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He thinks I feel sick to an artist against the family’s will can make a profit by selling sculptures of the mother, and that those who want to make her a symbol does not have a clue who she was.

The buyer Lasse Diding , however, thinks that the symbolic value outweighs everything else.

– It has been an anti-fascist symbolism. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

– I myself have been a victim of the Nazis here in my home, which has pulled the plastic strips around the house. When it highlighted hung suddenly five handbags on my fence. It shows that this purse is already a strong symbol of peaceful resistance.

But Lasse Diding hope to further discussion and that the statue will end up on display in central Varberg, otherwise the statue in the garden instead.

– It is also fun when they come here and look at it instead, he says.


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