Monday, September 28, 2015

Reuniting ‘Friends in Need’ – Aftonbladet

Dr Alban celebrates 25 years as an artist.

It was a hearty feast and the location was reunited suddenly Friends In Need – Björn Borg, Tomas Brolin, Mattias Frisk and Dr. Alban himself, of course.

What song they performed? “All we”, of course.

“16 years since the last time but we all could deliver,” writes Tomas Brolin on Instagram.

Dr Alban is celebrating 25 years as an artist, and it was celebrated with a big party in Stockholm Auction House, organized by Michael Bindefeld .

On the spot were many artist colleagues and friends.

“We celebrate his 25th year with a big party with all the legends of the past,” writes party planner on Instagram.

The evening offered several surprises, and the biggest surprise of the all of Friends In Need suddenly reunited.

Brolin pleased with your performance

The short-lived group from the late 90th century, consisting of Dr. Alban, Tomas Brolin , Bjorn Borg and Mattias Frisk went up on stage and delivered “All of us” – the only single they’ve ever released.

“Oops! It was certainly a reunion. Thanks Alban o Congratulations (16 years ago last, but all we could deliver), “writes Tomas Brolin on Instagram.

Haddaway , E-Type Ankie Bagger , Jan Johansen (who sang “Look at me”), Ulf Ekberg , Özz Nujen , JO Waldner and Penny Ford was some of famous guests on hand to commemorate the artist.


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