Monday, September 21, 2015

Zazzi the chefs struggle: “Could almost take on adrenaline” – Göteborgs-Posten

Should Alexandra Zazzi become the third Göteborg wins chefs struggle? She has in any case a real fighter and will not give up without a fight on the knife.

Hakan Thörnström and Gustav Tragardh is Gothenburgers who have taken home chefs battle earlier. Now is Alexandra Zazzi against a strong resistance, among others, Leila Lindholm, Karl Ljung and Robert Maglia.

Have you seen the program before?

– Yes , to and from, and I think it is jätterolligt. It is a fair program where competition is real. There are fun races where you really get to use the skills you have as a chef.

Why did you join?

– I was asked last year, but then I was newly operated in a shaft and turned it down. It is very prestigious to be involved in a context of such talented chefs, making it both difficult and incredibly fun.

How did you prepare?

– I took a day down in the fishing port and filleted with old men. That will of course not come from Gothenburg and not able to fillet a fish quickly enough. Otherwise, it was important to be as physically fit as possible, because it’s very physical competitions.

What do you remember otherwise, from the recording?

– That it was extremely Cool! It was a very cold spring and where we stood in thin chef coats and worked with the door open to get good television lights. And so it was very hard physically.

You are friends with last year’s winner Gustav Tragardh. What was your advice to him?

– “Stay away from såsduellen”, but I had already figured out. And that I should take it easy, be careful and do not be too tightly wound. The toughest was to keep nerves at bay, there was so much prestige. There were eight winners call and one could almost touch the adrenaline in that barn. Everyone was there to win.

two Previous winners are from Gothenburg – are you going to be the third?

– The Of course it is our ambition. It’s me and Robert Maglia is Gothenburgers year and we said to each other that we now look to retain profits in Gothenburg.

How very competitive person are you?

– I’m being totally concentrated when there is competition. I am a good loser, though I hate it. It’s just so darn fun to win. When the competition is over, I will release it pretty fast.

What can we expect otherwise of this season?

– It is a season with very good social interaction between us chefs. I knew everyone pretty well before, but we got a much deeper friendship during filming. We had really nice conversations outside the races and you will be able to see in the box how we will close. I have made friends for life.

Are you going to watch the premiere?

– Of course! I’ll collect some colleagues and eat good food and watch the program.

Season premiere at TV4 Monday, September 21 20:00.


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