Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Three “Fast & Furious” movies to – Swedish Dagbladet

Part Seven’s sales figures had in principle already guaranteed a sequel, but according to Entertainment Weekly, it is now confirmed that the seventh film will be followed by an eighth, ninth and tenth.

“Universal has treated me so well and trusted my vision so much. They have been like family to me. So I promised the film company that I will deliver a final trilogy to end the saga, “writes Diesel on his Facebook page.

Wine Diesel and Universal are looking for a director who will take over the baton after Part Seven’s director James Wan, who declined to make more films in the series.

“My producer colleague Neal Moritz and I would not want anything other than to say yes to a director, but this film series is so special that it must be handled with great care, “writes Diesel.


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