Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Malena Ernman occur free: “Must act now” – Aftonbladet

Malerna Ernman flash organizes concert for the benefit of refugees.

The money will go to Save the Children’s emergency fund.

– We must act now. Help needed after all. Everyone knows, says Malena Ernman.

On 25 September the Malena Ernman concert in Stockholm’s Concert to raise funds to children who escaped from the war. The concert booked the same day she got the idea.

– I called Stefan Forsberg (director of the Concert Hall, reds.anm) and 10 minutes later I was sitting in the office. It was determined in a day. One is used to meet in three weeks and set a date and so maybe it will be some time next year. Now it’s “Yes, we do it for a week, it is now necessary,” said Malena Ernman.

“We must act now”

With him on stage, she Mats Bergström guitar Niklas Medin on the piano and Fredrik Jonsson on base. Together they will offer opera, classical, jazz, and pop.

Why do you arrange this concert?

– You have to act now. Help needed after all. Everyone knows what is most important these days. It’s help. That all helps. There is a tremendous spirit in Sweden right now. We want to help. There are now people are really on our toes and want to act and it must be used, she said.

How can we help more than to go to the concert?

– Everyone makes the so much already. It is fantastic. Can you do something, you should do something. To help the small will help in the great if everyone helps, she says.

But what can you do?

– Check what can bestow. It need not be that you have to send in money. One can get to places, collect mattresses, check on Facebook where you can leave things. There is a huge amount to do, says Malena Ernman.

Here you can buy tickets!


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