Sunday, September 27, 2015

Betnér test new joke on the audience – Sydsvenskan

Yet he a little worried about the tour’s first evening at the Maxim Theatre in Stockholm, where he has promised three completely unique program.

– .. . but I’m not really nervous, it’s like the most fun, he says.

He then takes with it that worked well on an extensive tour around the country where he aims to make available the humor for the more inexperienced audience.

– It’s fun to go around the country and I will of course also have with me a support comedians on each gig . So people who do not have close to a stand-up club usually will get the chance to see someone they may not know that’s very good, he says.

Among humor guests are , both established and lesser known voices. Moreover, they show British comedians David Whitney and Bobby Mair up on a couple of performances.

– They are good friends of mine, so it’s a good excuse to get up with them a couple of days, says Betnér.


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