Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stina Wollters criticism TV4 after kroppshånet – Aftonbladet

Katrin Zytomierska called radio profile Stina Wollters body for the result of “insane gluttony” in “Malou after ten.”

Now criticizes Wollter TV4 that they used the her videos in the debate.

“I feel so cheated and sad, used and abused,” she wrote on Instagram.

On Tuesday discussed Hosted by Malou von Sivers with guests unhealthy body ideal of “Malou after ten.” As was shown videos as a radio journalist Stina Wollter posted on its Instagramkonto. In the videos, she shows off her body, with the intent to convey how a healthy, happy, and healthy body can look like.

The position on the program to discuss the ideal body was the blogger and entrepreneur Katrin Zytomierska , who criticized Stina Wollters body shape hard.

– I do not understand how you can think that this is something positive. This is of course a huge health hazard. There are perhaps some who think it is attractive, but I find it very difficult to see it, she said, and continued:

– I know what it means to look the way that you view. It is about an insane gluttony of vile things.

“How cheated and sad”

Now the words Stina Wollter disappointment over how TV4 handled the debate “Malou after ten.” On Tuesday, she published a picture on his tear-filled eyes on Instagram, and explained that she feels exploited.

“I thought I was strong and confident, but when you are betrayed by people you trusted and entrusted to pressure the small protective cover is removed and you are literally naked. I feel so cheated and sad, used and abused. It stings the throat of the same garb as svidit as long as I can remember when someone treated me unfairly, “she writes.

” Inviting a bulldozer “

In the post writes Stina Wollter to She gave TV4 permission to show her body videos in the program, but they never explained the context in which it would be used. The channel should not have told that they invited Katrin Zytomierska.

“They knew what they would get when they invited KZ. The fat buffoon could sacrifice some yummy television. The fat buffoon I am. I am a human being with an innate inviolable human dignity which are all born with. Whoever violates my value, lying and using me is a villain. They talk about a “sensitive topic” and invite a bulldozer. Remaining is a kötthög and tremble. I. I, “writes Wollter.

Aftonbladet have searched Malou von Sivers without result. Wollter writes, however, Instagram that von Sivers called her during the day and apologized.


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