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Ryan Adams made the cover of Taylor Swift’s hit album in 1989 – what was the result? – Swedish YLE

Is a male artist to give Taylor Swift, the respect she deserves?

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album was one of last year’s most acclaimed. Her perfect pop, but also that she took the fight against Spotify by removing his songs from the service, meant that she had a lot of attention.

Sometimes I got the feeling that the public was surprised that a pop artist could be so engaged.

What is there to be surprised about?

Country quarry

With his 1989 album broke Taylor Swift with the countrypop which she associated with. She proved to be an excellent songwriter and became a superstar.

What does it mean when an alt-country profile as Ryan Adams makes and publishes her pop album?

Hardly that he thinks that Slovenian group Laibach do when they claim to with their cover versions provide the proper interpretation of the song as a cover served.

But Adams 1989, at least to the music diggare that even with pliers take hold of the music that figure on the leaderboards, now can safely listen to Swift’s delicious songs without losing his dig face.

Taylor Swift Image: Taylor Swift

A sign that a song is good usually said to be that you can reshape it in different forms and that it is still working. Adams layer of 80s radio rock, hard rock and country music are not really that far from the music Swift writes.

Swift is not so far from Adams, I would say, both have something to do with the country. Adams often do covers usually would be the art of making songs sound like their own.

Merle Haggard, one of the biggest country music artists who are still alive, recently complained about modern songs and noted that one can not even whistle to them.

Adams versions are often more stripped down, melancholy and organic than Swift’s electronic and energetic pop – but the whistle can be here and it is clear that SWIFT is a songwriter is his countyarv faithful in that the melodies are so bell-like.

Haters gonna hate

It is interesting to compare Adams melancholy and småsläpiga singing the hit “Shake it off”: “I stay out too late, got nothing in my brain, that’s what people say “with what it expresses when Swift sings the same words.

One can assume that Swift has a lot of experience to be questioned as an artist and also intellectually diminished because of gender simply while Adams probably have been able to trudge through his career right odissad.

But it trembles suddenly in Adams phrasing of the word “shake” and you can imagine the anger in him, an attention to what the song is really about, a matter of what Swift expresses in it.

Ryan Adams grip becomes hatred visible in a new way and some may say that it is made visible as he, albeit temporarily, taking it on themselves.

Hate incomprehensibility lights still as clear as motel sign in neon on the way to Nashville.

So the music becomes deeper when it is made as alternative rock or country?

No, but we live in a tradition where we have to some extent lost hearing when it comes to deep and meaningful pop music.


Haters gonna hate sung the words, but Swift shakes off the hatred in the text and Adams do a whole album of Swift is a sign of deep respect, even though the cynic might call it a stunt.

Perhaps realizing a lot of music geek spirit men in and with this that Swift is an artist with levels that they missed?

But here I now do not pull all the same brush – some have in 1989 received the good reviews I mentioned at the beginning of the text. I like most point to the traits in the music digs culture.

Musically lands in 1989 quite close to Adam’s latest, self-titled album – an album whose echoing guitars and light-dark is ideal companion on the highways, in the open countryside and at service stations cafeterias or parking lots ..

For those who want to kiss in the car or dorm room, I would however recommend to 1989. 1989 is actually a very romantic album but works certainly also on the road.

The album is largely a direct hit and himself, I enjoy most of calm, sadness and beauty of ‘Blank Space “.

The beauty of it is that it is reminiscent of both Adams and Swift’s personal wizardry.

The sad part is that it’s probably in some camps needed a Ryan Adams for Taylor Swift to be a some seriously.

Now there anyway two in 1989. One can dance to at night, the second chill until the next morning.


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