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Record number of contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest – Expressen

History: Contribution in Melodifestivalen

1995 : 981 contributions

1996 : 1475 grants

1997 : 1223 grants

1998 : 1121 grants

1999 : 1315 grants

2000 : 1394 grants

2001 : 1567 contribution

2002 : 1831 grants

2003 : 2630 grants

2004 : 3228 grants

2005 : 3131 grants

2006 : 3326 grants

2007 : 3234 grants

2008 : 3489 grants

2009 : 3440 contributions

2010 : 2860 contribution (incl. 246 webbjokrar)

2011 : 3832 contribution (incl. 424 webbjokrar )

2012 : 3485 contribution (incl. 570 webbjokrar)

2013 : 2549 contribution (incl. 647 to the public contest)

2014 : 2628 contribution ( incl. 561 to the public contest)

2015 : 2177 contribution (incl. 444 to the public contest)

2016 : 2450 grant (incl. 468 to the public contest)

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Now all the songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 submissions.

Thanks to “Mans Zelmerlöw effect” was sent several hundred more contributions than last year recorded.

In addition, changes SVT now the rules of the competition.

It is time again. The time 8:59 this morning closed the SVT the opportunity to submit entries to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

A record number of songs has entered – in 2450 contributions, of which 1982 Annual contest, and 468 to public competition. There are 273 grants more than last year, as the competition’s executive producer Christer Björkman explains Måns Zelmerlöw effect.

– This is more than last year and it’s probably going to explain with the ESC effect. I have high hopes and hope to perform a winner at home in the Globe in May, says he

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A contribution already publicly

The entries will be selected by a jury and to further complement SVT actual starting grid. This year a rule change occurred when the contributions of the public’s contest will face the contributions to the Annual contest is already in the jury room.

Since the former is already the group Smajling Swedes ready for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 through its participation in the Swedish charts next 2015th The names of all the songs and songwriters who come in the contest will be announced later this fall.

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Hit will pop tour

So yesterday also released all tour dates for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The first round will be held in Gothenburg on Saturday 6 February and then roll it in the races in Malmö, Norrköping and Gävle. All the towns have organized the Eurovision Song Contest least once before, but when it is time for the Second Chance March 5 makes Halmstad debut as a pop town.

The finals will be held then, just as the past few years, the Friends Arena in Solna on 12 March.

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