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Kalle Lind: Jerry had become totally embraced – Göteborgs-Posten

Donald Lind Jerry Williams and subculture Gothenburg.

Donald Lind is a radio host and writer and according to his own description, a laborer in popular industry. Earlier this year, he launched and reporter Ina Lundström podcast Wide Thought a peculiar theory: to Gothenburg is not only Sweden’s second city, but also a subculture, and that Jerry Williams is one of the few non Göteborg who can be seen as a Representatives of this movement.

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First of all: What do you mean subculture Gothenburg?

– There is a hard-angled thesis that we drove into one of the program first section. As non Gothenburgers with an interest in both Gothenburg and subcultures, I was struck a day of Gothenburg feels like a very closed unit. It is fascinating to outsiders how all of Göteborg seem to hang together. It is like a picture of the Ebbot, Ingvar Oldsberg and Brother Daniel sits on a hook along the other long and drinking worn.


– An example of how the idea can arise is that Håkan Hellström when he played at Ullevi had with him a bunch of guest artists who, rather represented the city than his own musical genre. Where the rapper would have invited other rappers, he called instead in urgöteborgare as Tomas von Brömsen and Captain Red, just as he was at Scandinavium brought prog rock singer Dan Berglund. Veronica Maggio appeared course also up at Ullevi course, which lowers the thesis a little. But it is most intended to provoke and stimulate discussion. And there is something in it. One can see it as a warmth and a love, a community.

How does urstockholmaren Jerry Williams in there?

– It is obvious that Jerry, if he is from Gothenburg, had been totally embraced by the city. I think in itself that he already gets. My impression is that he is very appreciated in Gothenburg. Like the old Gothenburgers he wears his neighborhood Solna on his lapel, where he grew up in working-class neighborhoods. There is a genuineness about him that strikes a chord in Goteborg. Although he by now must be good for quite a few Millar talks he still communism with the same tubing as the 1960s. Göteborg has a long-standing romantic light over the working class. Having overalls wearing authentic and genuine – and the ideal shared by Jerry.

What have you been for the relationship to him?

– I’m very fond of Jerry Williams, and was in an extremely good mood when he was in intervjupodcasten yard . In other sentence came a “canon” or “ball”. It’s great to play at Kajskjulet. Bit so. He has a humility that it is easy to become infected by. For example, he refuses to accept that he has made a career, for such only makes peasant thieves. And that he would have the talent? Not then. It’s just “rotting”. Jerry Williams had rot when he as a plumber in the 1960s, was commissioned to replace the sink Violentsgitarristen Roffe Hammarströms dad’s Herrfrisering in Östermalm, which of course was the starting point of his career. All he has succeeded all about luck, according to him. It’s a great attitude. His career has been a bit up and down over the years, including the setting has made him even though it constantly has been so appreciated in wide circles.

Footnote : Radio profile and author Kalle Lind has a heart as bolts for Jerry Williams. This year he is up to date with the book Right Humor , published in September.


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