Sunday, September 20, 2015

Beatles first contract sold – Metro

The Beatles’ first record deal in 1961 the club established 75 $ 000 (just over 613,000 kronor) at an auction in New York on Saturday.

The six-sided contract was in Hamburg and led to the single “My Bonnie “. The band kompade at the time, the British singer Tony Sheridan and the single was released under the name of Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers.

John Lennon signed as JW Lennon and Paul McCartney used his full name James Paul McCartney. The contract is also signed by George Harrison and Pete Best, the drummer and the following year was replaced by Ringo Starr.

The price of 75 $ 000 (93 750 US dollars including the so-called bidding fee) was lower than hoped for. The value before the auction was estimated at 150 000 dollars.

The contract was sold by the estate of Uwe Blaschke, a German Beatles Collectors who died in 2010.


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