Friday, September 25, 2015

“Cheerful greetings from Miss Regret Swamp” – Expressen


“happy greetings from Miss REGRETS SWAMP”


From: Lisa Siwe.

: Martina Haag, Ola Rapace Bert-Åke Varg, Henrik Norlén, Sofia Ledarp.

Length: 1:26.

From: Allowed.

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So good are the actors

When life gets too unmercifully hard in Stockholm, then Ola Rapace act a bit like a spa experience.

So I think when his character, herder homecooked, stands and split firewood in a magical barren north. Jocke is so quiet and gruff, but handy! And somewhere inside that trendy hermit beard, glitters still a little joy spark. If only the right woman could elicit it.

Somehow it feels is not a coincidence that Martina Haag character Nadja living as a loader of erotic romance novels-books. Nadja who is also 40 plus, single and desperate children longing. So when the rules on the adoption agency suddenly changed, she sees no other way than to go up to northern Sweden, where his sister promised to arrange with a man that nödgifta with. Once there, tricked her into believing that it is precisely Jocke who volunteered husband, and thence runs the story in a genre typically constructed way.

There are as well not shadow of a doubt about how it will go for Nadja and homecooked, and the love story advances on the verge of untrustworthy quickly, even for a romantic comedy. But the mountain landscape and the white expanses soothes the soul like a nice contrast to Nadja’s and Joe’s more rugged surface. If disturbed on Izabella Scorupcos and David Hellenius glamorous finish in “Mike and Veronica”, so here are the more room for wrinkles, lank hair and wounded INR more.

Nadja arouses sympathy bit like a stray touch-behaved dog and, therefore, begrudge it her that erotic romance novels imagination. “Cheerful greetings from Miss Regret Swamp” is how a little too simple movie, but with a forgiving friendly and great heart.


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