Friday, September 25, 2015

Tobbe Ek: Now you sharpen you, the jury! – Aftonbladet

Sharpen to you, the jury!

This is not a bunch of budding superstars in front of us.

I know you so much like now, when it’s your last year. But you will also need to see what I and TV viewers are quite touching agreed.

Twelve talented singers who all would take on kareoken at Statt . Where perhaps half will be able to move on in the music industry, as studio musicians, singers, the cover band and maybe also as a songwriter.

There, a pair of three might get really big hits here in Sweden the next year but where the will have to fight hard if more than two will be remembered in a few years.

I hope that one of these twelve grows so much that he or she gets a world career, but

Where is your self-awareness Anders, Alexander, Laila (although she held from rambling about the world of careers tonight).

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Yet none of your” Idol ” -aspiranter taken out into the world despite the fact that you have been doing it since 2008 (2011 Bardstown).

Two of the most successful in the Swedish “Idol” story has also made it, it s almost despised , road via the Eurovision Song Contest (Loreen, Måns).

Keep the dream alive

So why repeat Bagge again and again that he has a future world artist before him on the stage? Why nag Bard that it is a Swedish Taylor Swift just sung for us?

Well, to keep the dream alive of course. Both for themselves and for the participants.

Who wants to hear: “Hooray, you is tremendous, you will make toksuccé at Harry,” or, “Oh, you have an amazing voice, you can certainly working at Wallman the rest of life. “

Then it is of course much more fun to get to exaggerate, shelf up through the roof.

But somewhere it is enough anyway.

For you know, the jury, it is incredibly difficult to get a world career. Therefore, you need to vary your praise better and stop nagging about the super successful career already for the first Friday finals.


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