Monday, September 21, 2015

U2 had to cancel Sunday’s concert – after a security breach. – Aftonbladet

U2 had to cancel Sunday’s concert – after a security breach.

Now, thank Bono police from the Globe-stage during Monday evening’s concert.

– The is usually not a good thing when the police are everywhere. But yesterday it seemed like a great thing, says Bono.

Sunday canceled the U2 concert was closest to the chaos when a gunman was inside the arena, which was evacuated completely.

At 17 o’clock on Monday afternoon told police in a statement that the man suspected of being police employee.

The case is captioned as misconduct, or violation of the Arms Act.

During Monday’s concert talk the singer Bono directly to the audience about yesterday’s incident.

– We are very pleased to be here in the city of Stockholm and actually do a show. You may have heard about the security problem yesterday. And I must say that our audience took it brilliantly, and the police as well. Police were everywhere. It’s usually not a good thing that the police are everywhere. But last night, it felt like a great thing. So we have a message for them: Thank you for being cautious. Thank you for taking care of the audience and the band. It was difficult to set up yesterday but it was the right thing to do. And guess what? We may be here an extra day, he said.

Hearty queues

During the Monday evening, there have been substantial queues in to the concert, but it has still been good. The staff made the concert visitors prepared to get open bags on the way in.

– Actually a very normal procedure, neither more nor less. Very staff on site but the actual body of visits not function as on the concert anywhere, says Joacim Forsén , Nöjesbladet reviewer.

Live Nation press contact Kristofer Akesson comments via sms:

– Everything rolls on as it should and we look forward to a fantastic concert tonight.

Monday’s U2 concert is the third of four. An extra concert takes place on Tuesday evening.


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