Monday, September 28, 2015

‘Morran and Tobias year’s comedy programs – Aftonbladet

Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson do it again.

During Childhood Cancer Gala – the Swedish humor price won the duo the heavy category of this year’s humor program “Morran and Tobias.”

– We have met a few times to see how it feels and how we can take it further, says Robert Gustafsson Nöjesbladet.

Crystal Gala earlier this year won the year’s program.

On Monday evening made Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson hit again.

Childhood Cancer Gala – the Swedish humor price was “Morran and Tobias” this year’s comedy programs. Additionally went this year’s male humor achievement for Johan Rheborg for the role of Morran.

– It feels great, because we had such a big argument about the course is three kg bronze statuette. And that’s a figure that is a bit difficult to split in two. But it solved after all with one each, said Robert Gustafsson Nöjesbladet after the gala.

It is uncertain if future

Johan Rheborg says that now they do not work with “Morran and Tobias” ·

– We do nothing right now, it lives by itself. We recorded it all during a busy month last year. We must digest this and see what you do in the future.

Is “Morran and Tobias” little new “Ronny & Ragge”?

– I think Ronny & Ragge feels like a lovely nostalgic comeback. This is a little blacker. We said when we started this that we wanted to make shapes that you became frightened, disgusted and nasty fascinated. But one would still like to keep up with in one day, and then go home. It was a little goal to do that, says Robert Gustafsson.

Ronny (Peter Settman) and Ragge (Fredrik Granberg) reunited briefly at the gala scene praises the duo.

– My favorite was won by “Morran and Tobias.” It’s the kind of humor that I love and I think the series is really fun, says Fredrik Granberg and Peter Settman adds:

– It is here that one must laugh at the vulgar and what is not is “good enough”. I think it is great fun.

“Humour is able to be”

Now Reveals Robert Gustafsson that he and Johan Rheborg look at how it gets with the program in the future.

– We have met a few times to see how it feels and how we can take it further. Then we met again, and then we found some tracks that we’ll start working on.

The night was about both childhood cancer and humor, how do you see it?

– There are two extremes, of course, I also thought of it when I saw elements. But without humor life will be much harder. Laughter is important, says Johan Rheborg.

– It’s the only thing common to this theme have with each other, to the humor able to be and see the good things of life and thus have the strength to withstand major challenges. Otherwise, there is no common for that which was shown during the evening was unbelievable, I find it very hard to take it all. I get very sad, especially when it comes to children, says Robert Gustafsson.


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