Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gunilla Pontén: “Is so sad that he is dead” – Expressen

The actor Tomas Pontén died on Tuesday night – he was 69 years old.

Sister Gunilla Pontén, also known fashion designers, received death the news with mixed feelings.

– I feel relief that he will not have to suffer, but feel great sadness that I will miss my brother, she says.

After a long period of dementia, fell asleep actor Tomas Pontén into a äldreboende- and care homes in Stockholm .

His older sister Gunilla Pontén, even fashion designers, was given the death news from various news sites.

– Suzanne called me yesterday (Tuesday) and told me that Thomas was dying. I so wanted to go there, but did not. It is so sad that he is dead and I will miss him very much, says Ms Pontén.

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Meanwhile, she says that it was difficult to see his little brother so ill.

– I visited him 14 days ago and it was a great sorrow to see his little brother so ill. He was such a talented actor and an amazingly nice person. And good looking he was. Although there was a big age difference between us, we had a fine relationship, says Gunilla Pontén.

When Tomas Pontén fell asleep during Tuesday night he was surrounded by his immediate family.

– The Today I feel great sadness, but also relief. Because I know that now is not suffering any more. In recent years I have woken up and been afraid that he would not live. He suffered from a terrible disease, says Gunilla Pontén.

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Since 1972, included Tomas Pontén the Royal Dramatic emseble and over the years has played in including Laclos’ Dangerous connection “and Shakespeare’s” King Lear “.

The actor is best known from the television series” Skärgårdsdoktorn “,” Radio Shadows “and” Thousand Brothers ” and the films “The Bomber” and “threat”.

Tomas Pontén also directed productions at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and Theatre Brunnsgatan in Stockholm.

Between 1983 and 2000 he was with the actor Suzanne Reuter and together they had three sons.


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