Wednesday, September 16, 2015

U2 delivers a shrug of the Globe – Aftonbladet


Location: Globen, Stockholm. Public: Sold out. But the concert organizer Live Nation is welcome to U2′s tour producer does not release exact attendance figures. Length: 2 hours and 15 minutes. Best: “Until the End of the World”, ” Beautiful day “and” One “. Worst: “Invisible” and “Cedarwood Road” no great experiences directly.

The song list

The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)

The tribute to Joey Ramone and Ramones rattles quite empty, as usual.

The Electric Co

The Edge uses a guitar. It sounds like a hundred. Contains snippet of The Who’s “I can see for miles.”


Cement. Gaping in Spanish.

I Will Follow

Old material already drawing away. The score between earrings and later songs: 8-4.

Iris (hold me close)

Bono sings tribute to her mother with on empathy.

Cedarwood Road

For more viscous cement in the ears, unfortunately.

Song for someone

For the latest songs is the ballad it nearly reaches the same class as the most loved monuments of “The Joshua Tree” or “Achtung Baby”.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Right tame. Becomes the most as an intro.

Raised by Wolves

Duran Duran with a few tons of guitars. It should, oddly enough, is taken as a compliment.

Until The End of the World

A dazzling attack. It feels like U2 pouring hot coals in your ears.


U2 synth coats inside a yellow LED display. Well.

Even better than the real thing

The remix of “Achtung Baby” number is stationary and at a standstill.

Mysterious Ways

Even “Achtung Baby” had obvious blemishes. Bono turns around with a lady from the audience and sings a snippet of “Burning Down the House”. But U2 has never shifted as the Talking Heads.


They could have chosen some 46 others and better songs than this concrete chant.


They could have chosen some 52 other, better songs, but …

Every Breaking Wave

Two songs that were written several decades apart but still …


… are tied to a functioning whole. A kind of summary of the fundamentals of the band’s career. The private (“Every Breaking Wave”) and political (the images of a bombed Syria in the “October”). The last song, however, had been longer.

Bullet The Blue Sky

Not the same battering ram that before.


The group’s comments to the refugee crisis …

Where the Streets Have No Name

… is just as grand and red-hot as it should be.

Pride (In The Name of Love)

U2 is best when messages can be painted on placards during large demonstrations.

With Or Without You

bassline. The melody. Outro.


City of blinding lights

glitters like a skyline at night.

Beautiful day

Nowadays hit song harder than “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

Mother child reunion / One

Paul Simon song slides into the “One”. The audience sings the majority of the text. You can not tire of “One”. A U2 concert, but it is never complete.


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