Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rosling’s inflammatory speech hailed – Sydsvenskan

This means that half the audience represents the portion of the population that fled, explained Rosling. Eight million are displaced within the country, and four million – equivalent to the audience in the stalls – have been taken to other countries. And the audience on the first three rows in front Rosling had to represent the 80,000 people who come to Sweden.

– Welcome! said Rosling, to the cheers of the audience, and praised the courage of the refugees with the rest of the world to understand the extent of the disaster.

Rosling’s speech tokhyllades Then on social media: “Hans Rosling received the worst rock star at the Globe tonight. Long live the popular education!” wrote commentator Helle Klein on Twitter.

“We have far too little public education a la Hans Rosling. More stuff”, writes journalist Frida Boisen.

” Hans Rosling is our last outpost of what is called popular education. Let us all cherish this. ” “Hans Rosling you are cruel. Explains refugee crisis like no other.” “Hans Rosling is KING!” Read some other comments. One tweet said that the speech “may be the most important SVT sent in decades”.


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