Friday, September 18, 2015

Massive new revelations about the Star Wars – Göteborgs-Posten

Hardly the new Star Wars episode started filming until the essential elements of the plot leaked. For example, seem rumor that Luke Skywalker dies in this episode not be.

Star wars: the seventh episode of the science fiction saga has been the thrill entitled The force awakens (power wake up). The upcoming blockbuster film, directed by JJ Abrams after George Lucas movie saga, will soon reach the cinemas. Meanwhile, the sequel, Star Wars Episode VIII just started being recorded. Looper director Rian Johnson has taken over the house-baton.

In social media already reported that a history of the central actor sighted on the set. Specifically, Mark Hamill, who plays Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. He hangs on set is interpreted by fans as he has an important role in Star Wars VIII, despite massive rumors that he would die in episode seven.

According to the newspaper the Irish Examiner has over one hundred people strong film team made it to the Irish coast to film on location at Skelling Michael. The weather is so bad that they have not yet managed to get started.

Even the actors Benicio Del Toro and Oscar Isaac will be in accordance movie site IMBD participate in the upcoming Star Wars VIII.

In social media rumor Also the actor Mark Hamill’s son Nathan has checked into a nearby hotel, which suggests that the stay can be prolonged. On the other hand, it has happened to kill the Jedi returned in a kind spökversioner of themselves in past episodes – which of course is quite possible even in Star Wars VIII.

December 16, Star Wars VII-power wake Swedish theatrical release, and then learn the mystery clear.


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