Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Felix Herngren: “I was ashamed to death” – Aftonbladet

Even celebrities making fools of themselves. Ahead of tonight’s season premiere of TV3′s “Not OK” explains Felix Herngren about some of their most embarrassing moments.

– It was sick embarrassing, he says to Aftonbladet.

“Not OK” test, Felix Herngren and Emma Knyckare, replacing Brita Zackari from last season, unwritten social rules. Felix Herngren think “Not OK” is a program format that works particularly well in Sweden.

– Although I myself am an old man, there are times when I wonder how the hell to behave. What is okay or not occupy a large part of our skulls and I actually think that Swedes are extra worried, he says and adds:

– You simply do not want to make fools of themselves.

Is there a particular situation that you have problems with?

– There’s a lot that’s tough. One thing is where to where to even privatzon go, you know the zone where you do not think so much about how you look and go around with sweatpants and a four days old stained t-shirt.

“My privatzon extends to the kitchen “

Where the private zone begins and ends is just one of many things which Felix Herngren and Emma Knyckare differ.

– Her privatzon go pretty far outside home , there are several blocks. My privatzon extends to the bathroom and part of the kitchen.

Felix Herngren says he also suffered several weird situations because of his celebrity status.

– A torrential embarrassing thing happened to me once. There came a woman who was 25 years old and asked me if I had a pen and paper. I had just signed an autograph so I asked her if that was what she wanted.

“Sick embarrassing”

This was not the case, says Felix Herngren.

– She would just write up a phone to a friend. I was ashamed to death, it was sick embarrassing.

But it is not the only situation that Felix Herngren has ågren over.

– Once it came up a person and said, “God, I recognize you, where have I seen you before?”. I suggested “on TV maybe” but then said this person “no I do not watch so much TV.”

– I started sweating immediately. Then it turned out that we had children in the same kindergarten. It was a few years ago and since then I never say that I’m from the television, I do not run into it again.

“Not OK” is broadcast on TV3.

Is it okay to take selfies in the locker room? And if not, how should you behave if someone does?

– No, it’s super big no no at it. It feels like taking a picture inside the waiting room at the psychologist or Akademikliniken. It feels very private. One can go nude or anything is possible.

– You should dare to protest. I think we Swedes are a little bad at.

You hit a blogger for the first time, but you already know everything about the person as you follow the blog slavishly. How to behave in that situation?

– That is difficult, it depends entirely on what connection there is. I think that bloggers and other people who are a little public who blogs about his personal life find it quite fun to hear people read one blog and knows a shitload of one.

– There, I think you should be sincere. In any case, if you are at dinner. It opens the up for some fun conversations. But seen you in a kindergarten meeting where seven others are listening then maybe I would not say I know all about your eczema and your inner anxiety.

What do you do when you are at dinner with the in-laws the first time and they begin to pull racist “jokes”?

– Ouch, yes, it is the first time then maybe you hold back a little and you get to take a substantial snack with their partner. Since I believe that slowly will begin processing these racist thoughts in a more refined way than with a straight counterattack. When people have that kind of opinions will be opening up for deeper conversation, it is with the knowledge we repel it, not by hitting a stick in the head of them. Then you should not expose their partners for the probably already know about this ailment embarrassing.

– It’s another thing if you hit them with others. Suddenly, maybe you stand there facing a whole group and have to choose between either accept what they say, or to stand for who they are. There, I think that we absolutely must find a smooth way to speak up and show that I think is not fun.

How old must a person be in order to give his place in the Metro the hen?

– God, it is difficult. I’m 48, and if someone would stand up for me, I would be a little annoyed. But if you think the person in any way difficult to manage a rapid deceleration, then it’s okay to stand up.

Is it okay not to talk to acquaintances you meet in the subway on the way to work when it’s early in the morning?

– Yes! That is why you should always have with headphones. Then you can insert them and then nodding lightly and pointing with his finger on the ear to show that you are listening to something you have to hear clearly. It is important to look busy, it usually works quite well. Then I think people tend to have great respect for the clock is half past eight in the morning, there is no need to talk then.

You meet your best friend’s child for the first time and when the parents say “hen is not pretty,” and you really think the baby is ugly, what do you do?

– Haha well then I råljuger. Where you can not say no. There is not an option unfortunately. It’s just pulling a white lie, saying that the baby is really cute and drag on. At the same time, I think you might feel about your child is not very cute and shit in question.


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