Friday, September 25, 2015

Frustrated Hungarian writer – Västerbotten Folkblad

News. With frustration notes the Hungarian writers in Göteborg it is difficult to talk about literature at the Book Fair.

Noémi Szécsi has just completed a seminar on contemporary Hungarian literature. She is up to date with a Swedish translation of her novel “Finno-Ugric vampire,” but only after the political issues are completed, they could take a moment to literature, she says.

– Hungary should not be protected, but it feels like we writers who are here are unlucky. I’d rather have participated in the Book Fair this under other circumstances, but the Hungarian writers are accustomed to being victims of Hungary’s poor reputation, this is not the first time.

The policy control

Interest Hungary’s culture, she thinks often linked to political developments in the country.

During communism the world interested precisely because of communism, the regime change was the culture interesting because of it, and then followed a period when the world is completely lost interest in the Hungarian literature.

– literature and politics have common roots, but I was saddened to hear that a great band Budapest Bar had to play almost no audience last night. They have nothing Hungarian policy making.


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