Sunday, September 20, 2015

High season for the motor thieves – Vasterbotten Courier

Boaters should be extra vigilant now. September, namely, a month in which many boat engines stolen.


Nominal engine with both hidden and visible marking.

The tracking devices, approved by insurance companies, mounted in the engine can be preventive.

Look to the boat regularly.

Source: Police

– Now is the peak season, says Carina Birking, investigators the emergency services.

So far this year the number of stolen boat engines dropped compared with last year. Until last August, 1,425 thefts reported. There is a decline of 261 notifications, or 15 percent, according to preliminary statistics from the National Crime Prevention Council.

– But the last few weeks it has really taken off, says Carina Birking.

thefts so far this year has decreased linking her to the crime prevention action “Båtsamverkan” has started in including Västra Götaland. But instead, the thieves have moved on themselves. In recent weeks, the number of thefts in the Stockholm County and Östergötland has increased.

– The classic is to move three or four boats picking the engines and then release the boats adrift , says Carina Birking.

The motor thieves turn to now is not surprising, says Göran Södergren at the insurance company Svedea. The thefts are common during the fall and spring when there are plenty of people in ports and yacht clubs.

– The safest way to counter theft is to lock up the engines, says Göran Södergren .


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