Sunday, September 27, 2015

José González | Main Stage, Liseberg, Saturday – Göteborgs-Posten


José González

Main Stage, Liseberg, Saturday

Best: The Forest (flute!) and Junip song Walking lightly.

Worst: The screams from the mountain railways.

Public: Warming stocked in the autumn chill.

Home Son José González succeeded despite the autumn chill attract an impressive large audience to Liseberg .

Two minutes past eight, he greeted us welcome and started the concert alone on stage. First Crosses and a small cries of joy from the people at the front.

That was how it all started for Jose Gonzalez. His ability to captivate an audience with minimal muscle was unique.

Since long tour of José González around the world, and now is the maximum six musicians who accompanied him carefully develops its expression in competition with screams of nearby Helix.

Often the act four of the musicians percussionist and it is also the crisp, nervy, intricate the beat that makes González is something much more than your normal troubadour. Rather, he makes a kind of intellectual folk with equal parts Californian warmth and roughness of Göteborg. When the base, press it tightly in This is how we walk on the moon, it becomes even meditative club music.

Although José González is cured by having played in all sorts of contexts, his music continues as usually a fragile creature. It demands the listener’s full attention, otherwise it glides well as away in the wings.

José González and the band is great, but there will still be a difficult game against a small talk crowds and the screams of the mountain railways.


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