Thursday, September 17, 2015

Premiere of chaos edged television thriller – Sydsvenskan

Has it been difficult to replace humor to the drama?

– No, it differs just a water surface between drama and comedy. It comes from the ground in any way. In Vera’s case it was to learn about her aimlessness in life. She stands at Ground Zero and everything has crumbled. One need not have been in the same situation to be able to recognize themselves. It affects all of us sooner or later

Actually, it was meant to “Ängelby” would have premiered already last autumn. But it was then lifted out of the TV schedule as the series simply was not ready in time.

– Everything was the last team. The authors sat and wrote in one direction, we recorded in a different direction. We did not know what we would record next week. There are no actors like much, says Mia Skäringer.

– All sets up a job for his character. It would travel from one point to another. It’s the work you have as an actor and must not do that you become irritated.

Pondering never to jump off?

– No, I’m probably as Old Black, fighting on. I speak out, trying to get people to listen and do the best I can. I considered it now, I tie his fist in the pocket and make clear. I am satisfied with my performance. And I think it ended up being a series that also SVT are very pleased with.

She has have not seen the end result. Directly after the end of the recording took production of “Ack Värmland ‘and’ sunny side ‘at. And then their own one-man show “Wrong Mary and the songs I cried to the ‘touring around the country this fall.

– I have not had time to see it. I dropped it when I was done. I had done my bit, then got others to take their responsibilities.

What do you with you for the experience of “Ängelby”?

– To make the drama was a way to evolve for me. I have learned a lot, and found many new tools in my toolbox.


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