Thursday, September 17, 2015

False Quotes cost Happened extra 40 000 – medievä

Claes Malmberg never said “I was with Per Brandt’s mother”. The fictitious quotation costing Happened extra 40 000.

When the weekly newspaper wrote about Claes Malmberg’s newly published autobiography, which, among other things, was an old romance with Michael Pers Brandt’s mother put the headline “I was with Per Brandt’s mother”. A vocabulary that is completely taken out of the air.

The whole quote is so violent embarrassing and I would never put it that way. When I saw it, I was extremely shocked. I let the time pass, but it was probably the rudest I have experienced in my career, says Claes Malmberg Aftonbladet.

The newspaper has apologized and paid him 40,000 kronor in damages. The money goes to the Red Cross collection for people on the run.


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