Monday, September 28, 2015

SVT slopes for criticism and will send Prince Nicolas baptism on 11 October. – Aftonbladet

SVT slopes for criticism and will send Prince Nicolas baptism on 11 October.

Earlier, SVT has said no to sending baptism, arguing that it is too much royal box in 2015.

SVT to reconsider its decision not to send Prince Nicolas baptism.

– Many viewers have heard of , and said that they absolutely want to see the ceremony, and something that made an impression there, many said that they do not have a fast broadband connection and therefore can not see it online. So we have chosen to make available this event for the entire Swedish population, says Clara Mannheimer, programs commissioner of culture and events on TV.

Less transmission

Last year was sent Princess Leonore’s baptism but before her younger brother, Prince Nicolas baptism became the first slammed from SVT.

SVT will make a small consignment of baptism, compared with, for example, Princess Estelle’s christening.

– If you compare with when you we had a fairly extensive broadcast both before and after baptism. Now it becomes a straighter and simpler version without the studio. The viewer will be involved within the Drottningholm Castle, Church and take part in the ceremony and what’s important, says Clara Mannheimer.

“We are very happy”

The baptism will be broadcast on BBC1 and SVT Play at 11:50 on 11 October.

– We have had a dialogue with the court to find a level that we are both happy and pleased and we have done that now. I am very happy about this, says Clara Mannheimer.


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