Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Herd “JK tendered for defamation – Vasterbotten Courier

A related to the girl who was subjected to rape in Bjästa 2009 has reported the film “The Flock” to the Chancellor of Justice (JK) for defamation and insult, writes Swedish Radio Kulturnytt.

The notifier believes that there are “striking similarities” between the film and what happened in Bjästa, among other things, that the film is set in northern Sweden, the girl is as old and that rape occurs on a school toilet. According to the notification, the film has been made without the girl and related parties’ knowledge.

The director Beata Gårdeler has previously told TT that she was inspired by the events in Bjästa, but that “flock” should be seen as a regular feature film.

The events in Bjästa attracted considerable attention, particularly since SVT’s “Mission Review” has taken up the case and showed the girl victim of defamation after the rape.

The film, JK-notified once before, but which was refused registration on the grounds that the film has not yet premiered.


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