Saturday, September 26, 2015

Manifestation called for empathy – Västerbotten Folkblad

News. When the Gothenburg Book Fair organized a rally for humane refugee policy on Friday evening the focus on the responsibility and humanity rather than on criticism of individual nations.

The Archbishop Antje Jackelén was one of the speakers during the Book Fair manifestation for humane refugee policy, arranged with among other Swedish Writers’ Union, the Swedish PEN and Swedish Church.

– We are seeing an extremely strong will to stand up for a humane refugee. No one can retain their dignity while the neighbor’s dignity trampled on, she said, and also pointed out the danger of using Christian values ​​to justify the demarcation.

Theme Country Hungary’s actions in the refugee crisis has faced strong criticism during the fair. Thursday organized including a rally where a human chain led to Hungary’s booth. At Friday’s rally urged the international community, but also individual, taking responsibility.

– to receive people fleeing for their lives are not about compassion, it is a matter of rights, said the Swedish United Nations Association General Secretary Linda Nordin.

Last out of the pulpit was Ola Larsmo, chairman of the Swedish PEN:

– How we solve this refugee crisis, to shape our own societies, the democratic and compassionate they will be in the future, he said.


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