Saturday, September 26, 2015

Alternatives to Cortex-gig – but Wadling – Göteborgs-Posten

The set Cortex-play becomes the – type. Without Freddie Wadling and temporarily assumed name.

The planned reunion of the classic Gothenburg band Cortex was never. A mysterious message on Facebook from singer Freddie Wadling, where he claimed that he did not know the show, was the beginning of some strange days of the accusations, angry feelings and more questions than answers.

Other members explained that they were saddened to see the show go to nothing and told me that Freddie Wadling come with the wishes of what he wished to have access to backstage at the gig.

But now, one has yet found a solution. Cortex plays, on the due date of October 3, but under the assumed name. Cortex call themselves temporarily The Mannequinns of Death and play at the club Truckstop Alaska on Hisingen, which connected to a pair of metal bands.

“In order to have fun, the buddy who wanted to see us and booked trips and to draw the money for the refugee catastrophe which also Cortex-gig would have done. Unpretentious and slamrigt “explained members of an SMS to the GP.

Gerth Svensson, Henrik Venant and Per Svensson will take turns replacing defected singer Freddie Wadling at the microphone.


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