Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Fair: Håkan Hellström acclaimed Jan Lööf – Göteborgs-Posten

Hakan Hellstrom showed up and pulled a song at the Book Fair to honor Jan Lööf which celebrates 75 years.

Jan Lööf launched himself seminar with Stardust , stardust, a jazzy saxophone numbers.

This was followed by a festive and jokingly talks with Jonathan Lindström on the theme “Dare to be stylish!” And alternative careers for Jan Lööf frozen inside. For example: rock bassist with far too little gigs. Or the head of IBM.

Of course, the picture was in the center during the seminar titled Celebrating Jan Lööf and the slide show that was presented – which Jan Lööf and Thomas Quick, for example, was considered as wearing – lightened up between the musical features.

The highlight was when the artist and Jan Lööf enthusiast Håkan Hellström rejoicing appeared on the scene with a chipper “Hi boys!”

After a short conversations about lyrics and provocations asked Jan Lööf:

– What are we doing here?

– I was trying to round off a little. Playing a little bit, so I have listened to me on some jazz stuff, said Håkan Hellström

– I had requested a ballad of you, reminding Jan Lööf.

– Will there be such or ?

Håkan Hellström went mysteriously up an acoustic guitar and said “Here’s a song for all the teenagers in love … and the newly divorced!”

Then he performed the song Valborg from the album, it will never be over for me (2013).

The highlight was when the party subject-Jan Lööf himself jamming a while with Håkan Hellström on the jazzy saxophone. The duo was met with massive applause, not least when he put himself in Jan Lööf’s knee while he was playing.

The pianist who also played named Matti Ollikainen.

Jan Lööf received his first telescope when he turned 30. Now he’s celebrating 75 years as an illustrator and author. During the fair is released memory book Jan Lööf – 75 Years of nonsense plus the new picture book errorX grow.


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