Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lennon handicap-mockery arouses anger – Västerbotten Folkblad

A more than 50-year-old concert clips of The Beatles brought the angry feelings of the British disability. The sequence makes John Lennon faces and clapping hands in a way that is perceived as insulting to people with disabilities, writes The Independent.

The element was recently shown in the documentary “It was alright in the sixties” on Channel 4. In concert clip advised the audience to clap their hands and stamp your feet, and Lennon tells them greatly exaggerated movements and sounds.

Lorainne Bellamy, spokesperson for Disabled organization Mencap, said the clip was “shocking and painful to watch” and that she is upset over the “terrible sight” on other people.

On Twitter, many expressed similar sentiments. “Lennon’s mockery of the disabled are the least disruptive,” reads one comment, while another notes that “saint” Lennon had a “wicked sense of humor” and that this would never have been accepted today.


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