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Chaos before the U2 concert – Globe emptied – Aftonbladet

There were lots of fans outside the Globe Arena in Stockholm. But no one was let in.

– It is how much people anytime here outside the Globe. It’s like just anyone who is in to stand outside and wait. We received a cryptic message via megaphone that they had paused inlet due to technical problems. And the band waiting to play, says Per Magnusson , Nöjesbladet critic in place.

Police looking person

According to Aftonbladet began Globe to evacuate Because of the threat and the police searched a designated man.

The visitor Sussi Hökegård was one of the visitors who were trapped on läktargolvet, she heard the rumor of a threat.

– All personnel in security go and look at every single seat right now and lift and check. What is most strange is that we are on the floor remains. We who have parquet ticket must not leave the floor. It’s the sickest feeling, I want to go home. I would not be here, but the guards are blocking.

What have you got for information?

– The fact that ticket hassles, now let’s go through some form of searches are involved.

How do you feel now?

– I will try to leave this room now but I do not know if it is possible. There are so many people out, I understand. It’s crazy, it’s hard to take in.

Police refutes threats

Police Helicopters circulated over the area, but the police refuted the information about the threat.

– The that happened was that they felt that it has not been entitled at the inlet and then chose to vacate and then we help the organizers to vacate and begin the inlet again, says Kjell Lindgren at Stockholm police.

Is it is common for police help at the ticket hassles?

– Yes, we often help at public events.

It flourishes information about a threat?

– As always, we talk a lot. In this context, it has not worked satisfactorily at the inlet. We have no information about the threat.

Why are you looking through the arena?

– When the arena to be evacuated have to check out for things that should not be there for security reasons so that you can start again.

“We had to go out”

Jerry Carlsson from Motala was one of those hit .

He and his friend Joakim Ragnarsson booked a table at a restaurant inside the arena to be in time for the concert.

– We have sat and eaten then 17:30, so we have been waiting for a few hours now we have to go out and ask ourselves last in the queue. It’s pathetic, it’s ridiculous.

What have you got for information?

– Only what I read on my phone to scan the system broke down. We wondered why it took so long and was empty in the stands and then came out with a guy on stage with a microphone and told that we had to go out.

Races in social media

Lots of fans expressed their displeasure on social media and Nöjesbladet.

“Big fiasco in the Globe! Technical problems means that lots of people do not come in …. “writes an angry visitor and another writes on Twitter:” Fiddling on the globe tonight. No one will be admitted. Thousands queued. No information !! Now we do not know if we will see U2 “.

” The Globe error on the ticket scanner. 19:30 no admittance “writes a third person.

According to the organizers the concert would have started at 20:15.

At 20: 50 pm got the crowd know that the whole arena was emptied .

– There were some who had come in, but now they go out again. The arena emptied. But they say that the concert will be performed, says Per Magnusson.

“Never seen anything like this”

“Please move toward the exits. The concert is not set, it will still be implemented. Thank you for your patience, “said a voice from the speaker.

– I’ve never seen anything like it. It is very irritable mood of the place and a lot of boos, says Per Magnusson.

Jerry Carlsson from Motala was still in good spirits despite the irritation.

– You are still full of expectation, the are a great band and they’re just waiting for it to get started, he said.

At 21:44 announced the venue staff in speakers: “We will soon open the doors.”

– ‘U2 waiting for you, “announced staff, said Per Magnusson at 21:48.

struggled out of the arena

Sussie Hökegård did everything to get out of the arena.

– There was no game. We tried three different guards, but they did not let us out of the stalls: “Stop, I will do anything to get out”, but could not. Then we went to another guard who led us out. Absolutely horrible it has been. I can not comprehend. If there is a threat guess everyone to come out.

She takes a break at home in their home when Nöjesbladet reach her again.

– God, I’m all sweaty, right now I never see U2 again. The visits where no one noticed I was not in, they were not able to frisk everyone. All women had handbags and where checked in they did not, she says.

At 22:06 came the following message on the loudspeakers:

“When we open the doors, back off, do not press sex . All will be admitted before the band begins to play. “

– Thousands busvisslar and booing at the extremely static and questionable credible information two and a quarter hours after the appointed time, says Per Magnusson.

The concert moved

At 22:30 came the news that the concert is set and moved to September 22.

– On the advice of the police is the concert in the audience’s safety. New concert date is September 22, says Per Magnusson and continues:

– It was probably the right decision. There are no fancy concert anymore, people are insane, and many have already given up. It’s just generally nasty mood of the place. Everyone understood you it was anything other than ticketing chaos. It was been extremely inadequate information all the way and people are extremely disappointed. Several crying also, he says.

Kjell Lindgren, press officer at the police in Stockholm:

– The organizers have decided to postpone the concert for Tuesday. They took the decision to evacuate because there have been inspections in a satisfactory manner. You want it to be quiet and safe for visitors. We have been providing human resources and talked with the organizers to come up with the best solution.

He says they now help people.

– The latest is that we provide evacuation. There are many who expected and many to leave. It’s like we usually work after a concert, to help people to metro and other public transport.

What is the threat that existed?

– We do not comment more at this time. The organizers did not think the checks were satisfactory and therefore chose to vacate. We continue to talk with the organizer.

Patrick Hanzo and his wife Cecile is visiting from France rikserar to miss the concert in the Globe on 22 September.

– We go home again on Tuesday and could not come back in September, so the organizers must find a solution for us. Maybe give us tickets to the concert in Paris.

And Jerry Carlsson from Motala then?

The positive approach has taken a blow. He has booked a hotel room and taken the two-day holiday, but no concert was not.

– It is clear that it feels hard now. Especially when you do not really know what happened. You read a little about the threat ticket hassles, and would like to know why. But if they choose to set so it must be something serious.

He is lying in the hotel room.

– It is only to sleep and go home alright tomorrow, so you can be unscheduled Tuesday instead. So now it is well good night.

Live Nation: “We apologize”

At 22:45 sent organizer Live Nation a press announced on the set concerto.

“Because of a security needed Globe evacuated during the evening and on the advice of the police, we have no choice but to move the concert to the new date. Tonight’s concert by U2 moved thereby to Tuesday 22 September. All tickets to tonight’s concert are valid for the concert on Tuesday. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for understanding from fans. Safety is our top priority. “

– We have no further comment, says Kristofer Akesson, press officer at Live Nation.

Even the band themselves refer to the press release on Twitter. U2 has been through Live Nation has not given any comments about chaos, something which the Board Thomas Johansson confirmed to Entertainment blade.


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