Friday, September 18, 2015

Consumed – Viva la Pop | Rondo, Thursday – Göteborgs-Posten

The Pub Show

Orup – Viva la pop

Rondo, Thursday

Top : Frälsarstämningen in Magaluf.

Worst: Huddinge and MB will transportsträckor.Publik: 841 (crowded)

As we shouted into the sofa, my sister and I, when Tommy Nilsson won the Eurovision Song Contest 1989. It was completely incomprehensible that the victory did not go to our pubertetsfantasiers boyfriends Orup (min) and Glenmark (Sis ).

Not that Orup said to have left it where your disappointment behind them but it must still feel a little good that he is the one who 26 years later, selling out show after show and receive ovations from audiences and critics alike.

Yesterday he took his hitkavalkad Viva la pop to Gothenburg and although he was a bit apologetically admitted that Stockholm is and remains his first town (no shock right – half of karlns songs is all about the capital) so he was taken received with cheers, spontaneous dancing and singing as if he were a prodigal son who returned. Okay, we’re talking dinner show here, and thus a well-warmed audience, but Orup is also a master at flirting up the audience exactly where he wants it. He may even stand up and sing along to one of the worse sextexter written – you are in heaven (“You need not fear – I’ve done it so many now.” Jeez.) This after that he himself pursued by how lousy the lyrics are. Extremely impressive. Moreover, he has learned over the years. We do not have trökigt prelude in the form of lengthy between snack. Instead, add Orup and snot tight band all-out on souligt Olympics and rehearsed choreography.

– As I usually say: Less talk, more music, says Orup and hurry on.There is a groovy catalog of hits he has . Additionally pinch he recorded his best cover from last year so much better, chanson version of Carol’s Alien and when he is there in the blue back light in a perfect popdandy-contrapposto I hear my inner teenager sigh.

In the end, it defilering clean. Audience dancing, the boys are on the line, Orup sweaty shirt hanging outside and he can småjogga into an atmospheric From Djursholm to Danvikstull.

It’s just to give up and let themselves be seduced. Orup the Swedish masters of the art of delivering a relentlessly efficient and sexy dinner show. This will be tough for the good Jerry Williams to match the Kajskjul 8 tonight.


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