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Martin Wallström hailed in the US for her performance in the hacker thriller “Mr. Robot” – Daily News




Tomorrow begins the acclaimed American TV series “Mr. Robot” broadcast in Sweden. One of the main roles are played by Martin Wallström, who is predicted to become the next Swedish making Hollywood career.




Tomorrow begins the acclaimed American TV series “Mr. Robot” broadcast in Sweden. One of the main roles are played by Martin Wallström, who is predicted to become the next Swedish making Hollywood career.

Martin Wallström had made numerous auditions for American projects at home in front of the camcorder without it got neither. Until last spring.

– You send away a movie, you hear nothing. It sends the next, you hear nothing. Then you send “Mr. Robot”, and so it takes a week and so is the whole machinery of the time, says Martin Wallström, laughing.



“Mr. Robot” is Elliot, played by Rami Malek, who works at a network security company in the daytime but also is part of a secret hacker network. He is obsessed to bust the multinational E Corp., where Martin Wallström character Tyrell work. Elliot is clinically depressed, have anxiety and suffering from delusions. Tyrell’s sociopathic chilly and lives with his equally manipulative wife Joanna (played by Danish Stephanie Corneliussen). They have many dialogues in the Swedish and Danish – and preening themselves on the script to get it to flow well.

– First, we get to play through the stage in English to repeat, but as soon as we start playing in Swedish and Danish are the directors’ first comment is always, “It’s fascinating. Fascinating. “They think there’s something a bit mysterious in the Scandinavian languages ​​…

Why did series creator Sam Esmail that your characters would be from Scandinavia?

– I think the series traces from Millennium and Lisbeth Salander, the entire world with large companies and lonely hackers. I think Sam was inspired bit of the Nordic wave and wanted a villain that is not American.

 Martin W Photo: Erik Simander

The series has received great reviews and the first season has been a record high rating on critics site rotten tomatoes. Martin Wallström was appointed as “Performer of the week” by movie site Collider in August (Wallström takes acting “to new levels,” writes the site). And above all, “Mr. Robot” praised for its unusually realistic and true portrayal of technology and hacker culture.

– Everything is for real, not some ugly flash animation showing how to break into the server. The should be pixelization, ugly and boring, that’s how it is! I think the series won a lot of credibility points on it. Since it is also dramaturgically interesting, it is more than just a hacker drama, says Martin Wallström.

The document echoes real events – you can imagine inspiration from Occupy Wall Street, WikiLeaks and Anonymousrörelsen. While the first season aired in the United States happened to also reflect several news events – the big nick of the dating site Ashley Madison for example. And the season finale of “Mr. Robot” got postponed one week because a scene reminiscent of the murder of two journalists in live American television.

– The series has ticked up a lot, it has put his finger on something that started to happen around around us and that will only escalate. It is one of the few American television series that really is critical of the US and the question: we think we are free, but are we there?

What Tyrell interesting to play?

– It is a fantastic character. It is easy to make such a character to mere tokpsykopat, autocratic and crazy. But what I found interesting is his fear of losing everything, everything is so important, he has climbed and toiled so long and played for high stakes. There was something of the fear I could recognize.

Nine years ago, died Martin Wallström’s father, suddenly and unexpectedly, he says.

– For me it was losing the world in a second. And it is from there Tyrell will, the fear of losing everything. The darkness and discomfort in many ways fun to play, because the series is so well written, but it’s also nice to know that there is something else there.

That there will be a second season is already clear, but Martin Wallström does not want to disclose whether – or how much – he will be there.

– There’s only one person in the world who knows what will happen in the next season, and it’s Sam!






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