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Lena Phillips: “I see little end of life” – Expressen

Lena Philipson wrote all the songs on her new album – to create itself anew.

Now, says the artist goodbye to his old self and let the 50-årskrisen, liberation and love be heard on the new album.

– Everything is related texts on this record. It’s loud and it’s low. Deeper and lighter. It is easier.

Lena Phillips, 49, released his first album in three years. The star was later than the record date in 2012, when the album “World Spins”.

But to the plate “I am not a sweetheart,” she has written all the material himself.

– I felt it really really long time since I wrote a separate disc. For many years I have worked with others. And with Orup I have had a fantastic collaboration. And the latest disc it was also the others who would write to me. I did not like that album was very good. I felt it would be best if I wrote myself, to break a little toward the second title. Create myself again, says Lena Phillips.

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The songs she has created at home, at the piano.

– I’m sitting at home and work. Oscillates between sitting at the piano and the computer, where I have synth. I’ll take a cup of tea and play in some different ideas on my Iphone. Then I take pause, listen and continues. It has been a nice process. Great fun, says Lena.

In recent years she has made a similar attempt – but not quite succeeded.

– I think it may be that my children are a little bigger now. I have more time for creativity. They are so big that they look after themselves. I feel there is more time for me to think of my stuff, she says.

“My 50-life crisis-let”

For the lyrics, Lena has taken inspiration from “life in a whole “. The first song “I’m not a baby,” for example, is about a breakup.

– It picks so clear inspiration from his own life, from friends’ life, from the life of the whole. Everything is possible, you could say. It is easier to write about feelings when you experienced feelings yourself. Everything is relative texts on this record. It’s loud and it’s low. Deeper and lighter. It is easier, says Lena.

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the last track entitled “Goodbye Farewell”.

– “Goodbye Farewell “I tell my 50-life crisis-let. It feels like you step into a new phase, and then say goodbye to the old Lena and step into something a little more open. A bit more narrative. I do not know. That is the feeling I have, it is not so clear, however. What it is about. I have a feeling that I almost turn to the audience. It is possible to interpret the song in the bunch of different ways. You can also say “good-bye, it’s time to go home from the party,” says Lena Phillips.

“See the end of life”

Do you feel that you are on entering a 50-midlife crisis?

– I do not have a desperate 50-midlife crisis, but I am aware of the figure. And as anyone who turns 50 you can see a bit more end of life. It becomes natural. I try to have as much fun as I can in this life. What can you do? That’s the way life looks like. I’m rather cynical and realistic in my approach to life. It is what it is. I have already had a wonderful life and I will continue to try to have it. More I can not do.

Do you have any grandiose plans?

– I’m thinking right now of those things. I would like to do more of my own stuff, which I decide and not compromise. Sure, I make the decisions in other respects, too, but just that it’s my songs. I would think it was fun to do something that requires a little more work too. It is a little unclear what it would be. A musical? Or any other thing, which requires a little more thought, energy, yet based on my ideas and my way of writing. I want to do things that feel anxious.


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