Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let Zara Larsson avoid having to set a good example – Metro

First: I’m not in any way liberal drugs without worry contrary fat lot about how young people’s attitude to grass more and more similar to that of the United States. But it is not Zara Larsson’s or another young woman’s role to take responsibility to change. That is up to us adults.

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Being a young female artist has the old, dumb, tradition with rusty structures by definition meant to be a role model for other young women. And we’re not talking someone who says: Be strong! Resist! Believe in yourself! Be healthy! Patti Smith.

No, modeled here means to constantly set an example as any old-time good girl. Have the entire clean clothes, be happy, clever, always compliant, agree, be hetreosexuell, wonderfully sexy in a completely safe manner and time to be sober.

No male artist, the requirements themselves. The term sex, drugs and rocknroll coined as when it barely existed female musicians.

Therefore, I am delighted by Zara Larsson fat middle finger to the old conventions. Not just when she posts wise called on gender equality at Instagram or Twitter. But actually, even when it involves a selfie in dress with silly marijuana-prints (incidentally, one of the most popular pressures on clothes this season), topless pictures with Sweden’s own badgal Joy or idols on a grass smoker Rihanna.

Or when the house duo Rebecca & amp; Fiona receives press the right bit vinfulla midday. It not only decadent – it is to set a really awful example.

I love it!

The female pop star’s emancipation is a process that has been going on for a while. Molly Sanden was premature to burn their hard snared corset at the stake: In an interview I did with her in Expressen summer of 2014 directed her purse kick against the music industry gylfar – she told openly about sexism and how she gagged for almost the entire his career. Smile and sing. Molly Sanden rotted, started their own business and started talking. In an interview I did in the same newspaper last summer, she talked about her liberal views on smoking grass:

I think it is wrong to filter too much. Trying to be perfect, I’m human. No, I’m not tvärnej to marijuana, it may seem controversial in people’s eyes. But I hope that those who have me as a role model to buy all of me.

One of the biggest international pop stars, Tove Lo, get small children to sing that they are high all the time (Habits, stay high) and messes about a guy with perfect body can have sex with her for the rest of his life if he plays his cards right. Sometimes she shows her breasts on stage if she feels like it.

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We are in the midst of a revolution. Revolutions require revolt, and it is often uncompromising. Just like punk frontal attack on Thatcher’s England is required although this extraordinary expression of achieving a bigger goal. Tove Lo is a fantastic role model for young women. She writes both their own and other artists worldwide hits and is probably one of the highest grossing artists right now. I think Zara Larsson has done more for feminism among young women than any minister.

In the near future we will look back on this revolution just as punk.

And I’m just indescribably proud to participate and to depict it.

Annah Birch

Journalist and style and music blogger


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